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Meet Violet! Violet is six years old. She is a spunky little girl who is navigating her way through the world with the help of her 3 year old brother Derek and her family and friends. Violet learns a lot from and really enjoys Daddy-Daughter time. She likes to do lots of fun things and will try almost anything once. She is excited about her life! 


Violet Finds a Dollar is the first of The Violet Book Series created by author Kenyatta Scott. This book was featured on WCIU-TV, celebrating diversity in children’s literature. The underlying moral theme focuses on integrity.

Kenyatta Scott

Kenyatta Scott is a Children's Book Author. She started her first series, The Violet Series (2016), with her first book, "Violet Finds A Dollar" set to debut Oct 2017. This is a morally based Children's Book Series that will follow the life and adventures of Violet.

The series, as seen on TV, is rooted in teaching children about morals and values. The target audience is 1st to 3rd grade, for grasping the moral concepts.  The series focuses on Violet and Derek learning all of their life lessons from Dad, working against the stereotype that fathers are not present in families of children of color.  

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Marquinta Thomas

"​"Violet Finds A Dollar" offers a wonderful message of honesty and "doing the right thing". The book also opens the door to introduce money and the importance of  saving to young children.  A great read for families!"

Q. Darcus

"Blessings! If you only knew how excited I am that you liked my comment.  Not because of the comment itself but because my daughter who has APD and I used to read Violet finds a dollar. It was one of her favorites and helped her with reading. Thank you so much for using your gift and blessings us with Violet. May your hands continue to be prosperous in all you touch."

Maggie Bush,

Content Creator (Writer)

"Violet finds a dollar" is a literary gem that is beautifully written and inspiring. The story  sends a great message for children about doing what is right even when one does not want to do so. The interactive segment where adults and children revisit the moral of the story is priceless, offering critical thinking and a moment to reflect on the children's feelings. Looking forward to sharing more of "Violet's" adventures with my children. 


"I bought and much enjoyed your Violet series. Congratulations on an excellent idea and its executtion.

Your emphasis on positive concepts of Daddy, non-traditional marriages, gender, and racial issues faced by the young; are all admirable, and I assume needed (I don't have children)." 


 Everyone can make a difference. It starts with one person, one act of #love. Use your gifts and #bethechange you seek in the world.

The Violet Book Series continually donates sets of books to classrooms across the country. Your contribution will help to increase our effort in giving the gift these impactful books to our youth.

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