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It's a rainy day and Violet and Derek are going to visit Grandma!  Something happens during their car ride to Grandma's that causes Violet to have lots of questions.  We welcome you to follow along in a day in the life of Violet and Derek, as they have very important conversations about race, history, and cultural pride with Dad and Grandma. 



Order this book today to help you start the conversation with your beautiful babies!



The Violet Book Series, as seen on TV, creates positive images of children of color.  Each book has an underlying moral theme, focusing on making doing the right thing FUN.  For children of all ages.  The book series celebrates diversity in children's literature. 


Read Aloud: 2nd to 3rd grade

Independent Reading: 3rd through 4th grade

64 pages

Violet and Derek Visit Grandma 64 Page Anniversary Book (Race, History, Pride)

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