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4 Ways to Instill Integrity In Your Child

In the first book in The Violet Book Series, “Violet Finds A Dollar”, Violet and Derek’s Dad seeks to teach a life lesson to his children that centers on their being honest and having integrity.  This can be an easy or difficult task for some caregivers, given the nature of the topic being discussed.  For Violet and Derek, it was the discovery of money! Something that excites most children and poses the often-challenging question of “What would you do if you found something that does not belong to you?” This question, amongst a few other relational questions, can be found at the back of the book.  Again, the overarching theme is integrity.  How would you, as a caregiver or role model of children, start the conversation around integrity?

According to Violet’s Dad, Here are 4 ways that you can instill integrity in your child:

1. Have clear moral values that your child can SEE

Children are more likely to adopt their parent’s beliefs.  Caregivers should develop their views around integrity and be able to model them for their child(ren) “Be what you seek in the world”  Oftentimes, we are the change and imagery is EVERYTHING

2. Share your views on integrity with your child

What does integrity mean to you?  How does integrity show up in your daily walk as a parent?  Figure this out then sit down and have a conversation around what it means to be honest.  Books can and are a great medium for conversation starters on integrity. “Violet Finds A Dollar” is a great book that can be used during these conversations.  When faced with a real-life situation, the child can then ask themselves, “What did Violet do when something similar happened to her?”

3. Ask Moral Questions that Focus on Integrity

Using scenarios such as the example from “Violet Finds A Dollar”, create multiple real-world scenarios that conversation can grow out of.  For example, a child brought home a toy from school that does not belong to them.  Create a conversation around life situations.

4. Speak about Consequences as they relate to Integrity

In “Violet Finds A Dollar”, Dad shares the thoughts/feelings of the person who lost their money.  By considering the feelings of someone else, children are often able to positively make what can often be difficult decisions for them.  Help them to put themselves in the “shoes” of others, so to speak.

”Violet Finds A Dollar” is a book about honesty and integrity. This book is a good tool that can help you have conversations centering on integrity with your child.  There are parent engagement questions at the end of the book, focusing on the question, “What would you do if you found something that didn’t belong to you?”

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