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Making Black History: Violet Takes Flight

Hello Fans of Violet and Derek!

This month's blog is going to be a little different because I have to share in my excitement regarding your soaring with us on August 8th, as "Violet Takes Flight" and everything that has transpired since! Life has definitely taken off!

The official book launch/reading at O'hare Airport was a huge success, all thanks to your support!

Tammera L. Holmes and I were thrilled to learn that we made BLACK HISTORY that day as the First African American women to be invited to host a Children's Book Reading at O'hare International Airport, the third-largest airport in the U.S.

United Airlines officially invited us for the exclusive use of their super luxurious Polaris Lounge and schedule an airplane to pull into view behind us, in time for the children to experience, during the virtual reading.

I, the Author, am extremely grateful and feel beyond blessed that I "Did it Afraid". I honestly did not know what to expect when I decided to write a story about a little girl taking her very first plane ride. I knew that I wanted to talk about fear and "firsts", not knowing that I would become a First as a result of telling Violet's story. 

This story belongs to every little girl and boy who dreams about the world beyond borders. This story is for those who look up at the sky, see an airplane, and wonder where it is headed. This story speaks to children and adults who dream of exploration and, yes, those who are afraid.

We have received SO MUCH PUBLIC SUPPORT since our exciting day spent at O'Hare Airport!

United Airlines shared The Violet Book Series and AeroStar Avion Institute, NFP on their global social media platforms. This is MAJOR in that it is the first time The Violet Book Series has been featured on a global level.

Various newspaper and magazine companies have reached out to write about the "Collaborative Power of Black Girl Magic" and I will be on FOX32 News at the end of this month. 

The wild part is that I know this is just the beginning. And it's all because I chose to "Do It Afraid"

What have you put off because you were afraid to do it?

Today is YOUR Day to FLY.



"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon."

Help support a child in their exploration of travel, expanding imaginations today! Every purchase of "Violet Takes Flight" benefits AeroStar Avion Institute, NFP, a non-profit organization that focuses on Aviation and STEM for children. They "Give Wings To Dreams"

Use Code: FLY20 for 20% off your purchase of the 4 book bundle in the Series from now until the end of August

Stay tuned for our "Back to School" Edition Blog in September!

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