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A Story About Doing It Afraid

Hey there!  This is Kenyatta Scott, Author of your child's favorite book series, "The Violet Book Series".

It's rare that I personally jump on here to share a story with you and your child from my actual life!  Typically we share tips and ideas about the topic of the month on the blog.

July is all about "Doing it Afraid", in celebration of the upcoming release of book #4, "Violet Takes Flight". The topic of fear is so important and relevant to how many children may be feeling this year, so I thought sharing a true story from my own life would be helpful! 

When I was a little girl, about 9 or 10 years old, my Mom and Dad surprised my sister and I with sending us to a summer camp in the South, for a few weeks of swimming, camping out, and climbing trees with other children.  I was excited about the activities but afraid of meeting new people.  I didn't know how I would make friends.  I was unsure if the other kids would like me. 

Would I be separated from my sister?  I had lots of questions swirling through my head.

I was excited as my Mom and Dad went out and bought nice blankets and yummy snacks for my sister and me to take with us.  I wanted to be brave.

My sister and I said "see you later" and we headed down south.  Amidst the heat, crickets buzzing, and kids running, we were assigned to our separate bunks.  I was shy but I pushed myself to speak to the other girls. I figured that, if I didn't do it now, the next few weeks would be very long and uncomfortable. I asked them about their toys and their favorite foods.  I found out that we had things in common. 

Eventually, I asked some of the girls if they missed their parents too.  They said they did.  No one teased me about it and they looked relieved too, happy to talk about their parents.  That really helped me feel better. I was able to see that I was not alone.  More importantly, I learned that it's ok to be afraid.  I was afraid but I did not allow my fear of the unknown to stop me from moving forward.  As I was running through the field with the boys and girls, I did not realize how often this life lesson of "doing it afraid" would continue to show up in my life.  Learning how to thrive in the face of fear has helped me move forward in writing fun stories for boys and girls and being ok with publicly sharing all of my life lessons with everyone!  I am always growing and learning.

I hope that my sharing encourages you and lets you know that it is ok to be afraid.  Everyone feels afraid many times in their life, including adults.

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I hope you enjoy all of the life lessons in every book in the series.  They were written with you in mind! 

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